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Revolutionizing College Enrollment for the New Generation.

Strategic Enrollment Solutions connecting student families directly with more colleges and career choices, beginning in the 9th grade.

“As a result of family pressure to find the right college for our children, we found that many colleges have the same challenge of finding the right students. We needed more information, support and access much earlier than the senior year. The irony is that many colleges need a better way to find these students earlier to sustain their enrollment targets. So with Stanford researchers we built a system to do both. We have the tech and model to sustain the viability of our university partners connecting 'buyer and seller' more effectively. We help students and parents make these connections. And we cost less than buying names while at the same time increasing conversions through pipeline engagement." 
Timothy Michael Kral - CEO & Founder

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Providing a technology that empowers admissions to guide students and parents beginning in the 9th through the 12th grade.

Siembra envisions a world where college enrollment is seamless, transparent, and fair. Our platform allows Admissions' Teams two-way communication with Students and Parents which also includes real transcript progress data. 


"Siembra helps universities connect with high school student families. Our approach begins in the 9th grade, using gamified A/I mobile technology for SMS, instead of just push notifications. Admissions Teams can create a dialogue with Students and Parents after referencing data within the platform.


Siembra provides virtual advocacy for these Students and Parents who do not know of their post-secondary options. By connecting Community Colleges and Universities earlier with improved access to a broader range of motivated and capable students, we increase conversions in the enrollment pipeline."

– Dr. Joseph Brown

Assistant Dean Education and Graduate Recruitment School of Humanities at Stanford University.


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Our Partners

 "What Siembra has created is a dream to us.  With Siembra, we can provide service to more families from one of our most desired locations. Our goal is to provide these students and parents with advising, encouragement, and a better understanding of university selection criteria that will benefit them in the college application process---wherever they choose to attend.” 

Lisa Przekop - Director of Admissions

University of California Santa Barbara


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The Siembra Student Apprenticeship program is a method for providing leadership experience for students and tangible support for our organization. Student Interns are offered special opportunities to explore their leadership and service potential through an accelerated personal and professional development program. Our interns serve in a variety of capacities and participate and training opportunities incorporating their own unique experiences and skill set.

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