Recruit all students virtually like
star athletes

Siembra solves the “under-matching” problem with a virtual platform and product suite that allows recruiters and outreach coordinators the ability to securely connect and guide students and parents about their student's 'fit' for any given college.

“I know of no other application

that extends opportunities for higher education to more students.”

– Dr. Joseph Brown, Director Diversity & Inclusion Office, Stanford University


 College Connect by Siembra

Get More of Your
Students into College

Community Colleges

Gateway Connect by Siembra

Community Colleges

of the 21st Century


Student Connect by Siembra

Continuous Student Recruiting
for the 21st Century

The myriad of college options are generally not brought to the student's attention early enough for them to make an optimal decision. This compressed time frame impacts student performance and makes it difficult for both student and parent to plan effectively.

— Dr. Julio Garcia, Sr. Research Scientist Stanford University

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