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An Evolving Landscape

A platform that empowers admissions teams to see, connect with and 'nudge' the student forward on the path to college as if they are star athletes beginning in their 9th grade is incredibly important for everyone involved.  Especially for parents who are concerned for their child's success. Now that the SAT has been eliminated in California, we are breaking down barriers to connecting and supporting students and parents on a level playing field."

- Dr. Joseph Brown - Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer School of Humanities, Stanford University





Redefining the Way 
Students are Recruited to College

Because Siembra Mobile provides ease of access to Schools, Parents or Students, we bring together all key stakeholders into the same “virtual gymnasium” for college admissions. There is transformative value achieving this important goal, breaking down institutional silos to building sustainable relationships to higher education. Our cost for continuous virtual enrollment is generally less than purchasing names. To the recruiter, this equates to about two high school road trips that does not guarantee any yield. We increase yield and conversions by building direct relationships in the new economy.

Our Journey



Initial research working with Dr. Julio Garcia and Dr. Geoff Cohen from Stanford University Graduate School of Education. The concept of identity threat and the use of mobile educational interventions to address academic remediation and attendance. Adapt the concepts to improving the college enrollment interface.



Initial deployments to various school districts to assist K12 administrators track and promote students to higher education using one-to-many mobile communications. Beta testing with live deployments for California High Schools.

Elimination of the SAT 2022- Admissions Reform


Board of Directors

Board Advisory


Siembra Mobile In The Press

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"We are excited to announce our partnership with Siembra. The direct collaboration with universities such as Stanford's Diversity & First Gen Office, Santa Clara University, Menlo College and the University of California schools will allow each and every student an unprecedented level of access to post-secondary opportunities. MHUSD is striving to create an environment where all students can be successful."

Carmen Garcia, EdD
Morgan Hill Unified School District 

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