Enrollment Marketing Consulting

To shape an overarching, goal-driven strategy that guides and integrates the tactical execution of services across the full scope for your institution.

Brand and Positioning: develop a clear and compelling brand position for the institution.


Campaign Concept Development: drive significant and measurable enrollment growth.


Marketing and Communications Strategy and Planning: a fully integrated, omni-channel, full funnel marketing and communications plan.


Media Planning, Negotiation, Buying: provide turnkey execution of all media planning, negotiation, buying.


Creative Development and Production: provide all necessary creative services required to fully execute the Creative Campaign, Integrated Marketing and Communications.


Web Services: shape and implement a new strategy for your digital presence.


Technical Analysis

Whether you need assistance automating manual tasks, improving your website, integrating data and mobile solutions with your business systems, or ensuring your digital assets are accessible - we can help. This work includes refining Data Operations & Reporting, Audit key funnel metrics, benchmarks and understand conversion rates, establishing KPIs and tools to measure performance.


Market Analysis

Our experts can also provide quantitative and qualitative assessment of you particular market. We do a deep dive into the size and sustainability  of the market both in volume and value, the various student segments and buy-decision patterns, the competition, and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry, regulations and trends.  We then blend our discoveries into customizing technical solutions to your particular institution.


Institution Brand Positioning

After an overall Market assessment we can define the space your institution owns in the mind of a student and how you are differentiated from your competition. Working collaboratively we help student-families instantly recognize and connect with your institution. One of the most important factors of success is how well and how many student families know your brand in the community.