College Connect

by Siembra

For K-12 - Get More of Your Students into College

Superintendents and High School Administrators

  • An opportunity to connect all students in an equitable and inclusive way to higher education at NO COST to the district, student or parent.

  • A district-wide dashboard that tracks the college readiness of all of your students from 9th with every transcript refresh.

  • Match high school students with Universities and Community Colleges as early as 9th grade, matching their skills and interests with the right college choice. 

  • Automatically alerts administrators and students when they are off track.

  • Improve college acceptance rates by connecting each stakeholder in the college recruiting matrix much earlier in the process.

College Connect:  A Single Virtual Platform

  • Provides an efficient means of communication via mobile messaging with individual students, groups and parents.

  • Creates a user-friendly data analytics platform for students, administrators, and parents.

  • Administrator can send properly timed mobile"nudges" and machine delivered automatic alerts to students and parents.*

  • Connects students with University Recruiters and Community College Outreach Coordinators nationwide.

  • The student's quantitative and qualitative profile is updated to match with the most cost effective post secondary options.

  • Currently offered at NO COST to your district supporting our social mission for equal representation and access to higher ed.


* Stanford Research Dr. Julio Garcia, Dr. Geoff Cohen, Dr. Claude Steele.

"The myriad of college options are generally not brought to the student's attention early enough to make an optimal decision. Siembra increases the probability the student and parent will make the right choice."

- Dr. Julio Garcia, Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University

Get more of your students into college by partnering with Siembra.

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