The right message "falls" into a student's life at the moment it matters on their mobile device. Students exist in a web of psychological and environmental forces that envelop them in any given moment, what Lewin called the "life space."  There, psychological processes and the proximal environment give rise to behavior. The environment, or context, affects psychological functioning in at least two ways. First, it determines whether a psychological process is activated. Second, the context provides resources that channel the behavioral expression.

White Paper - Use of Mobile Interventions in Education

Motivational Processes in Context

Dr. Joseph Brown is a first-gen college graduate from San Antonio, Texas. Fifteen years as Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer for Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences, PhD alum of Stanford’s psychology program under Dr. Claude Steele, his research focused on the impact of stereotypes and prejudice on the intellectual identities and performance of minorities and women.