Gateway Connect 

by Siembra

For Community Colleges of the 21st Century

New Push for Community Colleges

  • Provides a fast and efficient tool to increase enrollment and to promote ADT, AA/AS Degrees and Certificate Programs aligned with student “interests.”

  • Provides outreach coordinators with mobile and secured video conferencing to communicate clear pathways to K-12 students prior to their senior year.

  • Enables community colleges to identify high school students in need of additional support in grades 9-12.

  • Allows the college to create queries based on the profiles of students that highlight interests, achievements, and extracurricular activities beginning in 9th grade.

  • Promote understanding and benefits of Articulation Agreements between selected public school feeder districts and Community Colleges as a viable and affordable path to a four year degree.

Student Connect:  A Single Virtual Platform

  • Empowers outreach coordinators to provide K-12 students with information about college programs aligned with their educational goals.

  • Offers a mechanism for the college to send targeted messages to students promoting dual and concurrent enrollment opportunities and specialized college programs and services.

  • Creates an opportunity for community colleges to inform and recruit more K-12 students into the system as a viable and more affordable option prior to transferring to a 4-year college or university.

"In our public-private partnership, San Bernardino Valley College is working with Siembra to reach out directly to high school students to encourage them to enroll in our exemplary programs."

Diana Z. Rodriguez, President, San Bernardino Valley College

Increase enrollments and achieve your performance points targets with Siembra. 

Having access to aspiring students as they successfully matriculate can increase your enrollments without increasing risk or cost over your current methods. 

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