Student Connect & Gateway Connect 

by Siembra

Community Colleges of the 21st Century


Student Connect by Siembra  A Single Virtual Platform

  • The solution for Community Colleges to enroll more K-12 students as a viable and more affordable option supporting the "2 Plus 2" model.

  • You can send targeted messages to students promoting dual and concurrent enrollment, ADT and Certificate programs, as early as the 9th grade.

  • Allows the college to create queries based on the profiles of student interests, achievements, and extracurricular activities.

  • Then, the College can deliver more effective interactive promotions aligned to specific student attributes.

  • Maximize social impact, bridging art and science, aligns with your institution and brands.

  • Promote Articulation Agreements between feeder districts, Community Colleges and Universities as a viable and affordable pathway.

Exclusively for Community Colleges

Gateway Connect

  • Once enrolled, Gateway Connect provides Deans of Instruction, VP of Student Services an ability to monitor and nudge students to their ADT or Certificate goal. 

  • Increases points in support of Performance Based Funding.

  • Facilitates efficient communication for Outreach, In-Reach and Employers to monitor student progress and nudge students to their goal.

  • Delivers in excess of a 100% return on investment with a 5% increase in outcomes attributed to Gateway Connect.

"With Siembra we can now reach out to 9th graders to support our enrollment funnel.  Once enrolled, we help our students achieve their ADT or Certificate with Gateway Connect. By partnering with Siembra we are able to increase our enrollment pipeline and bridge students directly to universities or employment."

Diana Z. Rodriguez, President, San Bernardino Valley College

Increase enrollments with your feeder districts and meet your Performance Based Funding targets by partnering with Siembra today.