Student Connect

by Siembra

Continuous University Recruiting for the 21st Century​

New Push for Test Optional

  • The SAT “name-buy” model and a 12-month recruiting cycle excludes certain qualified and underserved populations.

  • Research indicates the SAT is not a good predictor of student success.

  • Recruiters have limited ability to prequalify K-12 students before the SAT and virtually no ability to prequalify Community College students.

  • Stanford University Research Motivational Processes in Context validates the benefit of connecting all stakeholders in the college recruiting matrix and “nudging” students to their postsecondary option.

Student Connect:
A Single Virtual Platform

  • Verified GPA with every transcript refresh over four years is a better predictor of student success.

  • College Recruiters are able to query the application using specific student quantitative and qualitative attributes including gender, ethnicity, location, interests, athletics, awards, extracurricular and verified GPA as the student matriculates.

  • Empowers Recruiters to connect and engage with qualified prospective high school students and parents via mobile messaging or a secured video conference. Demystifies the pathway to higher ed for First Gen Students and their parents. 

"The Siembra platform puts each key player in the college recruitment matrix in a position to track students’ ongoing progress toward academic and extra-curricular milestones relevant to college admissions."

- Dr. Joseph Brown, Director of Graduate Admissions, Stanford University

Extend the reach of your Admissions Department to more qualified candidates.

Having access to aspiring students as they successfully matriculate can increase your enrollments without increasing risk or cost over your current methods. 

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