Student Connect

by Siembra

Continuous University Recruiting for the 21st Century​

A Single Virtual Platform

  • ~100% connection to all high school students in every feeder district beginning in the 9th grade or Middle School supporting early outreach.

  • Verified GPA with every transcript refresh.

  • Ability to query using specific student quantitative and qualitative attributes including gender, ethnicity, GPA, location, interests, athletics, awards, extracurricular.

  • Empowers Admissions to connect and engage with prospective high school students and parents via mobile messaging beginning in the 9th grade.


The Post "Name-Buy" Reality 

"Cumulative Real GPA is a better predictor of student success."

- Dr. Julio Garcia, Sr. Research Scientist, Stanford University

Siembra provides student data you are familiar with plus more:


  • Immediate texting to nearly 100% of your feeder students beginning in 9th grade.

  • Access to parents for messaging for early outreach.

  • Access to real cumulative GPA.

  • Identify STEM achievers, Liberal Arts achievers and Fine Arts achievers.

  • Extend your digital Marketing campaigns directly to any specified query category.

  • Access to Community College ADT and Certificate Students.

  • All the above for less cost than your current "name-buy."

"The Siembra platform puts each key player in the college recruitment matrix in a position to track students’ ongoing progress toward academic and extra-curricular milestones relevant to college admissions."

- Dr. Joseph Brown, Director of Graduate Admissions, Stanford University

Extend the reach of your Admissions Department to more qualified candidates by partnering with Siembra today.