Student Connect

by Siembra

Continuous College Recruiting for Universities & Community Colleges

"The Siembra platform puts each key player in the college recruitment matrix in a position to track students’ ongoing progress toward academic and extra-curricular milestones relevant to college admissions."

- Dr. Joseph Brown, Director of Graduate Admissions, Stanford University

A Single Virtual Platform with a built-in Mobile Interface

  • Connection to nearly 100% feeder district students beginning in the 9th grade.

  • Empowers Admissions and Early Outreach to connect and engage with prospective high school students and parents on their mobile device.

  • Ability to query using specific student attributes like gender, ethnicity, interests, GPA range, subject matter criteria, Athletics, Awards, and FAFSA completion.


  • The solution for Community Colleges to enroll more K-12 students as a viable and more affordable option, connecting Student Interests with your programs.

  • Maximize social impact aligning your institution's branding and commitment.

2_Recruiter School Queries.png

"Cumulative Real GPA is a better predictor of student success."

- Dr. Julio Garcia, Sr. Research Scientist, Stanford University

For example..."Find all 9th and 10th grade Black and Latinx Students in Southern California with a GPA > 3.0, part time job, interests in Medicine."

  • Immediate texting to nearly 100% of your feeder students.

  • Access to parents for messaging for early outreach.

  • Query the system specifically for STEM, Liberal Arts or Performing Arts high school achievers.

  • Extend your Digital Marketing campaigns directly to any query.

  • Access to Community College ADT and Certificate Students.

All the above for less cost than buying names.

Extend the reach of your Admissions Department to more qualified candidates by partnering with Siembra today.