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Admissions Query Example:


  • "Find all 1st Gen, Black and HIpsanic Female STEM achievers, freshman and sophomore year high school, community college ADTs, above 3.2 GPA with extracurriculars."

  • Inspire them and their parents with periodic enrollment interventions to support their desire to attend your college, with a group nudge, desktop to mobile device automatically.

  • Save the query for pipeline engagement.



Innovation to a virtual continuous enrollment system without having to refresh lists.

  • Access to a perpetual feed of 100% of your feeder students and parents augmenting name buy, for immediate texting and SMS supporting their efforts to higher education and a career.

  • Access to a broader array of students and their academic careers beginning in the 9th grade. Broaden the pipeline of qualified students.

  • Extend your digital ad campaigns directly to the mobile app with any query category for better communication of your college's offerings and branding. 

  • Access to Matriculating Community College Transfer students with transcript progress data.

  • College Marketing Departments can now support their diversity initiatives by querying student attributes. 

"Universities can now find great students much earlier to support their long-term enrollment goals at an affordable cost. Because we don't charge by the name, our expanding solution connecting great students directly with your college is a win-win for everyone." 

Timothy M. Kral
Founder & CEO Siembra Mobile Inc.

  • Allows admissions to send mobile educational interventions to students and parents to increase graduation and college acceptance rates.

  • A user-friendly data analytics platform for administrators for State Colleges, Private Universities and Community Colleges.

  • The student's quantitative and qualitative profile is updated with every transcript refresh, actionable on the dashboard. 

  • Empowers Admissions to query on a level playing field ~100% K-12 students using attributes like gender, ethnicity, interests, achievements with verified GPA range.

  • Our teaming agreements for a perpetual feed less than .25 cents a name, directly supporting 1st gen and minority student families, which is our mission. 

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